Easiest Way I Know to Cut Corn From the Cob, Another Helpful Hint!

This is a super handy way to cut corn from the cob.  First you need a medium to large size bowl, depending on how much corn you are cutting.  Next place a flat bottomed coffee mug upside down in the center of the bowl.  This acts as a platform to rest the end of an ear of corn upon.  Using a large sharp knife slice down the cob stopping just prior to touching the end of the coffee mug. Rotate the cob slicing away until all of the kernels have been removed.  Continue with each ear of corn.

This can be done before or after cooking.  I often do this with leftover corn and make fried corn the next day.  Sometimes I freeze in one cup portions for use later in soups.  At any rate it is the easiest way I have found to do the job.

Easy clean up just rinse the items and dry and you are done.

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