Slow Carb Diet Results: 7 pounds lost in the First 15 Days Whoopee!

Just to keep me honest and psyched I am reporting that from Tuesday July 15 to Wednesday July 30 I have lost 7 pounds and am delighted!!  My favorite snack is cherry tomatoes right from my own gardens vines!

Honestly when I want a sweet treat they hit the spot.  My other snack foods include peanut butter on celery, and mixed nuts.  I only go overboard on the cherry tomatoes though!

I am really tickled to report that of the 30+ pounds I lost almost 2 years ago I have gained hardly any back.  I called the doctors office this week to confirm my weights officially and was delighted at my findings.  I attribute this to keeping one of the four diet rules and making them a habit.  That rule was to not drink any calories.  At the time I just started drinking water and have never stopped.  It is very rare for me to ever have a soft drink or sweet tea even.

If you have an interest in the other 3 rules of this diet here is the link where I explain it.

While I may not loose as quickly as some I really like the diet because I can stay on it.  Indefinitely I think.   Why?  Because the 7th day you eat whatever you want all day long!  So there is always that to look forward to and it does help with any cravings!  Actually my 7th day runs from Saturday night for dinner through Sunday night through dinner!  That may be fudging a bit too but I works for me!

My plan is to stay on this until whenever my knee surgeries happen and that is at least a year away.  It seems logical to me that the less I weigh the easier it will be.  So then, why not?

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