The Downstairs Reorganization Is Finnished....

Labeled and stacked fabrics.
And more labeled and stored fabrics.
So finally after almost a year I have gone through every single drawer, closet, cabinet, appliance, nook, and cranny, tote, and box in this house.  I have pitched and reorganized until I am blue in the face!  But I am finished....well I do need to dust again!   At any rate there are a few chore type things to do like cleaning the downstairs carpet, hauling off the treadmill, and buying more power cords before the holiday season but those things pale in scope.

This is 4 of 5 boxes of my favorite notions!
There were 40 some boxes and totes of things to be gone through down here and it has been condensed to 17 totes and trunks of things I really want and plan to use.  The closet system has been refurbished and things as old as dirt hauled from it too.  The freezer has been cleaned out, gone through, and moves as has been the bookcase.  So I am happy now to tend to my garden and do normal chores and an looking forward to many sewing projects I have in my head.

My chair, bookcase, and John Wayne watches over me.  This is where I visit with you and post.
Now I sit before you surrounded by as George Carlin so often mused "my stuff."  And it feels so good to be done and able to move on!

This is not a fancy room but a large one.  The two quilting frames from my daughter-in-laws family sit tucked behind the back and end of the sectional.  Soon I hope to have one put up.  So on now to the next thing!  See you soon!

Special thanks go out to Grandma Neukam who got me interested in sewing, Grandma Powell, my Mother, sisters, Linda and Sheree, Julie Wade, Diane Goss, my best friend, my dear friends Joyce Bruce, Doris S., and others too for sharing their sewing treasures with me.

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