The Flowers and the Garden Today Remind Me of the Beauty and Bouny We Are Blessed with.

This is the first thing I see when leaving my front door.
There are a lot of worries in our world today.  One has to but turn on the news!  War, illness, scandal, porous borders, it seems much more chaotic than I can ever remember in the past.  On a personal note there is serious illness in our family on several fronts and lets face it the economy is not roaring either.  So I take comfort in the simple blessing of nature today as well as a scripture verse I may share later. God Bless America and help her along her way.

These Dragon Leaf Begonias are the second thing I see.  I love them!
Nature reminds me to pause and just enjoy the minute I am seeing and sensing it's beauty.  Here are some photos I took this morning of the flag and the flowers that happen to be blooming.

This is what I see on my path to our little vegetable patch.   I sure felt better after stopping and really looking at them!  I hope you have enjoyed them too.

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