Ginger Stores Beautifully in the Freezer.
I've just returned home from a short road trip to Henderson, Ky.  I visited my dear friend Mickey who is in my opinion an angel here on earth.  She just spreads goodness wherever she may be or in whatever direction she directs her energy.  She prepared for me a batch of ointment that relieves my knee pain and I am very grateful to her.

She also gave me some GALANGAL ROOT (Sometimes called  Galangal Ginger) which I am not familiar with but am keen to find out about!! 

Galangal Root
If anyone has used galangal and has recipes for it's use I would love to hear from you. 

In the course of the conversation we spoke of regular ginger and the storage of it. I told Mickey I have kept it stored in my freezer for years and it is just wonderful. You never loose it. It never spoils or shrivels or rots. You just pull it out as needed and peel it as much as needed and proceed to slice it off or better yet, it just grates off beautifully!! I keep it in a plastic bag tucked into the shelf where it stands ready at all times to add it's wonderful pungency as needed.

Micky was clear that I should share this storage hint on the blog so here it is and I hope you are as happy with the result as I have been.

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