Black Raspberry Pie for Brian's Second Birthday Celebration!!

Black Raspberry Pie
We were blessed with more company this weekend to celebrate Brian's birthday still again so this time I went with a birthday black raspberry pie. We grilled again too but this time we went with burgers, brats, and dogs.

( Note: I want to tell you all how lovely it is to be able to call the meat market on the phone and ask the order to be ready at 9:30 Saturday morning and walk in and get it. That is the way it works here at the Rivertown Butcher Shop. PLUS the ground chuck was freshly ground Saturday morning!!!)

Well anyway, our menu was that of things I have already shared with you but I will mention them and give the date because they are favorites of the season and well worth revisiting.

Grilled Dinner
Besides the burgers, brats, and dogs our menu consisted of:

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Thank you especially to my son Joel for his help with this!!

Creamy Cole Slaw, posted 2/24/11.
Creamy Potato Salad, posted 2/24/11.
Fruit Platter and Dips, posted 5/19/10.
Sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, lettuce, and pickles.
Assorted buns and condiments.
Black Raspberry Pie, posted 6/14/10

We were so proud to hear the grandchildren all say Grace before our meal, even the littlest ones said every word and sat ever so quietly in their chairs.

We sang Happy Birthday again and a good time was had by all!! Especially by Grandma and Grandpa who feel so very Blessed to have such a wonderful family.

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