Books I am Perusing or The Intentions I Have....

Relaxing with three good books.
This is a GIANT leap for me. I have labored about sharing this information with you. As my tale unfolds you will understand.

I am not a huge fan of agendas period. I don't care for ex-anybody preaching about anything, be it smokers, dieters, drinkers, or sinners. We all are struggling to get through our set of challenges the best way we can find. While I don't mind caring concern or casual conversation and sharing of experiences let the preaching begin and I glaze over.

Needless to say that I am not a huge Dr. Oz fan as he is way past agenda and so overstates his positions. But, he does have new and interesting information and is quite daring by going places in discussion outside of the normal "published in the latest journal of" conversations.

Recently my interest peeked when he introduced Tim Ferriss and a book he has written called, The 4- Hour BODY. Among the subjects he addresses are, Reversing "Permanent" Injuries, Injury-Proofing the Body, and The Slow-Carb Diet I, How to Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days Without Exercise.

Dr. Oz said he had his crack medical team try to disprove the information in Tim's book and was shocked to have been unable to do so. In fact on the contrary he was having him on the show because of the credibility they found.

Since I maneuver with old injuries to both knees and one wrist and am a former walker who has sat on my butt and gained weight he got my attention.

My excuse, and it may be valid, for not walking is fear of further injury and making matters worse. As you may recall I have no insurance since having been laid off work 3 years ago and am too young to be eligible for Medicare, too poor for private insurance, and too affluent for any type of aid or program.

So today I am starting the diet program. Ouch, I have revealed it and am therefore committed!!! If I falter I embarrasses myself. See paragraph one.

I am in the process of reading the other two sections with the other two subjects of interest as well as, Soups, from the Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library, and The Instant Bean, by Sally and Martin Stone.

Details will follow.

Please think good thoughts and wish me luck.

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