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It is time for a "new do". I have gotten tired of the up do and the down do and all of the do's in between so I called Tonya Atherton. i met her some years ago through a friend and she has cut and colored my hair several times while others have also periodically. Others who are closer or who I have known even longer but this time I REALLY wanted a change so it was Tonya to the rescue!!

And rescue she did. I love my cut and the color. More than I have for years. It is a more current look. That is exactly what I wanted. Not the same thing I have worn for the past 20 years. 

Tonya Darnae Atherton
It was a job to find her. She has moved and opened her own "Boutique" of services.

She is off of 57 North just off of US 41 N. It took me about 50 minutes to find her but it was well worth it.

Smiles and Positive Energy Abounds
She has everything arranged for the comfort of her clients. Clean and neat as a pin!! She always has a smile on her face as did all of the clients I met in my coming and going. These are positive energies at work.

If you are in need of a "new do" as I was, I would certainly suggest you give her a call. See if you connect and get yourself some of her sunny disposition and a really good haircut!!

Tonya Atherton
Be Ye Babe's Beauty Boutique
1124 Indy Ct.
Evansville, In 47725
Tonya's phone is 270-860--5573

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