Tis the Season for "Ghostly Cookies"

The Spooks are Loose at My House!!
Not often do I take a store bought cookie home with me. There are maybe three I might purchase and the peanut butter filled sandwich cookie that looks like a big peanut is one!! Vanilla Wafers and Oreos are two more!!

Well anyway, I had some Valhrona white chocolate in the bottom drawer of my refrigerator and I thought it might look good on these store bought cookies with two chocolate chip eyes peeking out at me. Sure enough!! Little ghosts!! 

I am making up a tray for Katie and Emily and a tray for Jack and Sam. What fun.

There are 2 of those little 2-3 cup crock pots in the bottom of my cabinet. Just right to melt and hold chocolate. I pulled one out and plugged it in and started finely chopping the chocolate on a board with a large chefs knife. To thin it I added soft butter, a tablespoon at a time and stirring well until just the right consistency was found.

After dunking an end into the white chocolate I placed it on a prepared sheet of waxed paper, added two chocolate chip eyes and before you knew it there was a table full of ghosts!!

This was a quick and easy, really cute, and very tasty way to spend my morning and I am sure all of my kiddo's will love them.  I do too!


Sue said...

Very cute idea!

lily said...

How nice of you to say so!!!!Thanks so very much!!