My Favorite Thing or Why Bake Cookies?

Today I have been pondering....just sort of loosely thinking as I have gone along doing what I have needed to do.....

Thinking about what is my favorite thing. Oprah made favorite things a national topic of discussion on a regular basis. When asked recently on a Face book interview what her one favorite thing was she responded a Breville Panini maker.

My very first thought was Grandchildren. They are the light of this Grandmother's life.

I don't quite understand how and why that is. But then as I ponder it further I think it has to do with heart strings. I remember with each of the births of my three sons looking at them and having a very distinct physical sensation of overwhelming love and connection to them. Those connections have never diminished but with the addition of their children it is like a double down!!

It isn't that they need or depend or me for anything. In fact they most likely (the older ones) think I'm a funny old lady, or worse a crazy old lady!! The younger ones like that I read to them and hopefully they all like the cookies I bake for them. That is why I bake. Those cookies are made with Grandma's real love for all of her family!!


sewcoolsewvintagesewnow said...

My grandchildren are my favorite people as well as my children. If a person has never had that special bond and love for their own child or grandchild they may not understand. The love comes through when you bake or cook for these loved ones. . . . I enjoy your blog very much!

lily said...

Thank you so very much. You are so right. When it is all said and done it is our family that counts most of all. We are both so very Blessed to have them and to also know what it is to treasure them. Thank you for you comments. I treasure your good will and appreciation more than you know. All my best to you and your family.