Woe is me...Gained 2 pounds!!!!!

Well fooey,  I have thought better of this post and am over it.  No use or sense in getting all cranked up about this and acting a fool.  Which I admit to just having done.  Better to settle back and stay steady.
Sorry about this unseemly outburst.........10/26/11

This is exactly why I had vowed not to weigh until the week before Christmas.  DRAMA!! Pain, disappointment, embarrassment all because I stepped on the scales.  NO, all because I gained 2 pounds.  I, Me, I caused it.

I did not eat eggs on Sunday.  Not a one, and that is the big rule I broke, then I did not drink any grapefruit juice after I did eat.  Then there was the cheese in last nights dinner dish.  There you go.  Confession of all my transgressions.

So this morning it was 3 organic eggs and turkey bacon plus 2 cups of black coffee.  Back on track we go.

Lunch will be veggies and some kind of beans and supper a chef salad with peas, hard boiled eggs, and diced cold meat of some kind.


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