Minus 23.5 Pounds in Five Weeks on The Four Hour Diet

A Gift from my Best Friend.
Well I fudged. I said I wasn't going to weigh until the week before Christmas. That was truly my intent and I still feel the same way about all of the drama and negativity that can go with weighing all of the time.

But, to tell you the truth it had become so very hard to get up each morning and choke down eggs!!!

And, I like eggs. I hate monotony. Variety is the spice of my cooking and of my diet.  I love variety. So anyway by Thursday every week I have been becoming increasingly more and more miserable. Dreading the next mornings eggs. 

Then on Thursday I would start craving a piece of bread, a sandwich, toast. Simple little things. Beverages don't bother me. I can drink unsweetened tea, coffee, and ice water the rest of my life. Piece of cake. (Pun Intended.)

I am good with vegetables. I like them all. We are good on meat too. It is the lack of being able to combine them into delectable concoctions of melty cheese and pasta or potatoes and cream or butter.
Oh Mama Mia!! (And there is not a drop of Italian blood in my body.)

Well anyway I was to the point of thinking I might need to change strategy. But them I thought. I felt like I was loosing weight. My wedding ring has become quite loose......or is it the cooler weather?? 

Am I fooling myself? And Brian did say the other night he could tell my rear end was smaller. Or was he just blowing?? Trying to be nice and his way of offering encouragement??

So today I decided I would weigh and if I have made good progress I will continue undaunted. Had there been little or no progress I would change tactics.

The telling of the tale is I am quite happy with 23.5 pounds at the end of 5 weeks!! I will be eating my eggs each morning and looking to come up with more good recipes that are compatible with the Slow Carb life on the 4 hour Diet. 

Red Day Lily from our Garden.

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