A Rainy Monday in South West Indiana.

A rainy morning in Indiana.
We are having a dark and rainy Monday.  Very surprisingly the power has not gone off although there were numerous flashes and  much flickering of the lights.  Flash floods are still in effect although they don't generally affect us as we sit up near the top of a big hill.  Molly our dog is scared to death, quivering and has not left my side.

It just rains steadily.
I like rainy days.  They seem to make me feel a bit lazy and that can be a pleasant affliction.  Today after starting the laundry and doing a few little chores I settled down and curled up to a movie as the dog nestled at my feet.

The birds have found shelter elsewhere.
But restlessness sets in and I have to busy myself so I have tried to capture the cleansing and rebirth a good rain brings.  Everything becomes a lusher green.  Soon the birds and insects will be back about their rounds and normal will resume.