Just another lovely morning of Fresh Fruit .....I am actually stating to like breakfast.

Golden Pineapple, Apricots, and Strawberries.
I have never particularly liked breakfast.  Never been a fan of cereal.  Only began liking eggs after becoming an adult and then mostly for brunch, you know a bit later in the morning.  But I must admit I am startling to love my fruit for breakfast!

Today's fare is topped of course with fresh ripe strawberries and I have a golden pineapple so sweet it puts sugar to shame.  I do have the last of my fresh apricots and this is such a lovely combination.  I think I might love breakfast.

Funniest thing....and I am uncertain as to what, how, or why....but my skin has improved.  Drastically!
Doris, my neighbor next door repeated told me I looked so good when last I saw her as we stood chatting across the yard as only good neighbors do...and we are the best of neighbors.  Of course I had not a drop of makeup on and was in my usual stay at home state!  (Yes, I change into street cloths to leave the house, run a brush through my hair and gussy up just a bit to leave our property.)

Not to change the subject but do you know Brian says women actually go out in public in their pajamas these days??  I can't imagine.  Can you?

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