More Fun and More Food! More Salads.

Love this salad bowl with the 2 attaching smaller bowls for things everyone might not want in their salad this was a really fun weekend and as it turns out we had more company than usual.   After baking cookies Saturday morning Brian took us all out to dinner Saturday night.  I picked Archie and Clyde's as they have the most diverse menu than anyplace else in our little town and I love their BBQ and German Fries.  Others feasted on the Ale Battered Shrimp, it was all good!

The melons at Sam's Club were wonderful this week with several sweet varieties.  The blueberries were just because!
Sunday Brian BBQ ed a whole lot of chicken which I neglected to photograph although I briefly considered a photo of a huge platter of chicken bones which would have well illustrated how very very good it was!  We had dinner at 1:00 PM Sunday so we got busy early and dinner was as much fun as it was delicious.  The guys dodged rain drops but really were fortunate in finishing  the grilling just before it broke loose and poured.  All of the family photos looked quite dark as the day was so cloudy.

The Menu:

Grilled and BBQ ed Chickens
Salt Roasted Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans
Garden Salad
Fresh Melon Platter
Sweet Tea
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pecan Bars

The only food I snapped pictures of was the enormous salad and the fruit platter.  After that I got caught up in the kids and the fun and it just all went out the window!!  Oh well.............I'll do better next time.  Maybe.

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