Garden Pasta for a Veggie Based Lunch

As we try to increase the fruits and vegetables in our daily diet lunch is a challenge.   Breaking the grab a sandwich habit is big.  Really a big habit to break for me.  We were raised grabbing a sandwich or soup and sandwich.   Green salads are good but get a bit, I don't know......I love them but seem to tire of them if enjoyed too often.

Yesterday  I noticed 3 large Roma tomatoes peeking out at me that were looking a bit tired and no doubt needed to be used up.  In an unusual burst of enthusiasm I crushed 3 cloves of garlic and chopped what was left of a giant sweet onion from the night before.   I grabbed the shinny new copper saute pan and a dab of oil and set the onion to sizzle.  My enthusiasm continued as I headed down the back steps and out onto the patio and snatched up a half dozen fresh basil leaves and a handful of fresh parsley.  Upon returning to the kitchen and giving the onions a good stir as they danced in the sizzling pan I added the garlic.

The faucet gushed on and I ran the fresh herbs under the cool water and chopped at them a bit.  They joined the pan.  After the 3 tomatoes were rinsed and quartered in they went too.  By now I am thinking what am I doing making all this mess for one?  But then it was but one pan.  So far.

Pasta, I will have to cook pasta.  That is another dirty pan.  Rats.  Oh, well what am I thinking, I have a dishwasher.  It's not like I am hauling water up from the creek or something.  So I set a pan to boil and grab the whole wheat Penne Rigate.

Meanwhile I decide to add a jar of my home canned tomatoes from last summer to my sauce, that and a good teaspoon or two of sugar,  Kosher salt, and fresh ground black pepper. Just let it all simmer until you can't stand it any longer....

It was divine.

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