Money Saving Tip for Buying Spices.

Wonderful, wonderful spices at bargain prices.
Today I again went to one of the local Asian markets and was again astonished at the savings!  I had used the last of my sesame seeds in the Asian Slaw last week and I was almost to the bottom of the whole cloves with all of the hams I have made this spring.  I am getting ready to make several homemade mustard recipes and so I had several items to look for.

We have 2 Asian markets and I have had equal success with both, it is just who is closer to where I am at the time I think to go!!  The fresh produce is also a bargain.

Today I purchased 3.2 ounces of whole cloves for $2.99
                               7.   ounces of ground cumin       1.99
                               7.   ounces sesame seed              1.59
                               7.   ounces mustard powder        2.39

I guarantee I would have payed way way more and gotten way way less at the local big box grocery.
So if you are fortunate enough to have an Asian market in your area I encourage you to check it out!
You may find savings too.


Diane said...

Don't you just love it? We have shopped for the last year or so at various Asian Markets and we save ourselves a TON of money. Not to mention, we have really enjoyed exploring the new flavors and foods. We have been very pleased with the overall quality and as a family with significant food allergies our bill would at least 4 times as high if I stuck to save American brands that are no better quality. Do try an Indie/Paki Store if you have one close too- the spices are AMAZING!

cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

I love searching through Asian and Indian grocery stores, it has expanded my food knowledge. My favourite region at the moment is North Africa, I just love the spices and flavours of Morrocan food. My son has become an expert at cooking Indian food, my family are really enjoying our travels through the food world.

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