Hooked on Strawberry Freezer Jam!

Ready for the freezer.
For years I have cooked and made jams, jelly's, and butters.  Last year Mickey Thienes my dear friend over in Kentucky urged me to try freezer strawberry jam.  Because it was Mickey I did and now I am hooked!  For one thing the flavor is much more intense, the color is brighter, and it is way faster and way easier!!!  I expect it is because you don't cook it to death!

Last Friday morning something told me to swing by Wright's berry farm.  It was out of the way and in fact I actually had to turn around to go back that direction.  She had 6 quarts of freshly picked ripe strawberries in the cooler and I loaded them right into the back of my Durango.  The lady told me   I just purchased the last berries there were going to be and how lucky I was.  She was right.  They were not over ripe and that too was lucky so they are perfect after sitting in my garage refrigerator for a few days.  I have not seen my first bad berry!

Crushed berries and sugar macerating for 10 minutes.
Last year I did a post giving a detailed recipe and pictures of my discovery and here is the link should you want to take a peek!

One box of Sure Gel, one quart of strawberries, and 4 cups of sugar is yielding me 6 cups of finished jam.  I should  end up with a little more than a gallon of delicious, fragrant, and beautiful ruby red strawberry jam to share with family and friends!


om mihara said...

I love freezer jam too! I did strawberry, but used honey (7/8 honey for 1C sugar) because I am a honey addict, and it turned out awesome. Thanks Hidden Pantry for always being there for me!

Diane Cosby said...

Thank YOU for sharing!1 I LOVE honey too and will try your formula. Thanks again! Diane