Bunny Baskets for Easter

This will be the first year that I haven't made up at least 11 big Easter Baskets chocked full of candy and and eggs. It seems like just too much candy and too many eggs and too much expense for what it is.
Instead I am thinking I will again visit Lib's candy store and get each son, daught-in-law, my hubby and each grandchild one special treat and buy a little outfit for each of the little boys and a special little something for our granddaugters. Then I saw these darling little baskets handmade to look like bunny heads with big floppy ears that tie to make the handle. So there I go again.
My lovely neighbor Doris just gave me a sack of felt and there was enough for the basic white part for the bunny basket. I found in my "stash" of leftover fabrics enough pink houndstooth flannel to line the baskets and ears for the girls' baskets and enough baby blue and white men's shirting to line the ears and baskets for the little boy baskets and I have them cut out and started.
I got into my embroidery case and found a lovely pink floss for the mouth that comes off of a pink nose. I purchased blue and pink felt and fabric glue for the eyes and mouth.
Can you get pinking sheers sharpened? I had a time trimming the basket tops as I wanted to. Mine are old and probably dull.
I am not done, maybe half finnished. I found the pattern on Martha Stewart's website after typing in "fabric Easter Basket." I will show them again when I have them finnished.

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