Palm Sunday at our house.

White Dogwood
Wonderful sunshine!  Oh how happy I am to see the sun once again.  These long tedious stretches of gloomy rainy day after so long a gloomy winter are getting on my last nerve.

Our power was off early, before Brian was up and the coffee was made so I lit the gas stove with matches and brought my whistling kettle to a boil and made coffee in the two French Presses I have for just these occasions.   They make wonderful coffee.  Really the best coffee I make is made in these.  They are not expensive and if you have an opportunity to buy one go for it, makes good tea too.

White Azalea
We had spoken about going to Church this morning but Brian took off to the shooting range so I just watched TV services and decided to go outside and relish the loveliness of the day and the beautiful blooming trees and flowers in our yard.  This is a day the Lord made.

Burke Woody Viburnum
I started out front and reveled in the beauty of the blooming white dogwood trees all over our yard and neighborhood.

Woodland Hyacinth
It amazes me to think of all these things we have planted over the years.  The first Viburnum we bought the first year our neighbors went into the nursery business and the second was a Mother's Day gift from my sons.

Virginia Bluebells
When I look around it gives me a lot of wonderful memories.  The Bluebells and the woodland Phlox were given to me by Diane my best friend years ago from starts one fall when we rooted the Ivy that is here.

Pink Azaleas
I love all of the Azaleas too.  We have them in pink, white, and red.

Red Dogwood
There is also a red Dogwood in bloom, right now it is just starting.

Old Fashioned Lilac
Red Azalea
Brian planted a lilac that is just starting to bloom.  It just smells like heaven out here right now between all of the lovely bloosoms.  I love springtime.

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