First Two Easter Bunny Baskets

First two Easter Bunny's done and two to go!!
This afternoon I managed to finish the first of 4 Easter Baskets I am making for the Grandchildren. I have them all cut out and the embroidery finished.  Note, I edited this posting Tuesday morning and added this picture when the second bunny basket hatched out!!

Embroidery Finished Faces.
Two are in pink and two are in blue. I expect tomorrow it will go by quickly and I will finish. I really do think they have turned out nicely. They are made of white felt my wonderful neighbor and friend Doris gave me. The contrasting fabric is pink and white checked flannel and blue plaid shirting.

Big Floppy Ears Tie to Form Handle.
I told Chris it would at least be something they would have fun dragging around! I adore the big floppy ears that tie to form the handle.

White Felt and Pink and Blue Contrasting Fabrics.
I found the pattern on Martha Stewart's web site and I just put in fabric Easter Basket and it pulled this up as well as some other things along the same line.

It really amazes me what I can get free of charge just by clicking onto the computer.

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