Still SEWING. Tote Bags and Cuddlie Bunny.

This week I have had my granddaughters and I have been sewing. Don't think I cooked much outside of a few sandwiches that didn't amount to much.

So anyway I finished two "Potato Bags" for my best friend Diane for her two kids. She loves the way the potato fluffs and is so much better than the traditional microwaved potato. So, there is one on the way for Jennie and one for Daniel and Meredeth.

Charlie, a good friend of my husband's has a little girl and he promised them one of the super soft and cuddly bunnies I make out of his old long johns. He tears them out under the arms and you can only fix them so many times and there is nothing left to catch on to anymore. They have by that time been washed so many times they achieve a wonderful softness that really is nice for cuddle toys.

What is really fun on the bunny's is to use a little piece of white fur and sew it on the bunny bottom for his cute little bunny tail!!
I just get my scissors and away they go!! Before you know it a new bunny is born.

Then I got busy on a tote bag. I am having so much fun doing the quilting myself by machine. The first one I ever made 18 years ago was like that but then I had some pre-quilted fabric pieces I used for the next several dozen I made. So it is fun all over again to quilt a bit.

This one is very spring like. The exterior is a blue background with crisp white flowers and yellow centers. I used blue grosgrain ribbon and sewed a narrower bright butter yellow grosgrain ribbon in the center of the blue for the handle straps. Then I used a very soft light blue tiny plaid as the backing and interior of the bag and just channel quilted it at 2" intervals. It was indeed fun.

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