Deep, Dark, & Crisp Kale Chips with Sesame and Salt

The next time I will sprinkle with the sesame seeds a few minutes before I stop the toasting of the leaves for added flavor
I have had several people tell me these are good and encourage us to try them and I am certain as well that many of you have perhaps seen or heard about them on TV.  Last week my best friend Diane confided to me that her husband Doc Dave had made them and they really thought them off I went on a mission for kale!  They also sent me a recipe they used from written by Kirstin Uhrenholdt from which my version had been adapted.

Using scissors made short work of removing the heavy veins.
After washing and drying the leaves thoroughly I used a pair of scissors to cut out the tough stems starting at the top of the leaf and cutting down toward the thickest part.  After reading some of the comments from a nutritionist who had massaged coconut oil into the leaves rather than using olive oil I decided that would be my course.  I love coconut oil and the benefits I see from it.

Ingredients for Kale Chips:

2 bunches of kale washed, dried, and stems removed

2-3 T. olive, grape seed, or coconut oil

a sprinkle of coarse salt, of salt substitute, garlic powder, black pepper, sesame seeds, wasabi,  crushed red pepper, etc. (all optional to your  liking and tastes.)

cooking spray for pans

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. and spray cooking spray across 2 sheet pans with rims.  Tear the kale into desired pieces.  Place them into a large bowl and massage the oil into the kale.  It is important that every bit gets covered.  Happy kale is crisper!

Kale dressed and ready for the oven!
Place kale in a single layer on the prepared baking sheets.  Bake for 20-30 minutes.  Flip with tongs part way through the time.  The kale will turn a very deep and dark green and crisp.  Do NOT let it get brown!  When the kale is done sprinkle with desired seasonings and munch away.

My Commentary or 2 cents worth:

While these are not potato chips!  They are not bad at all and I will make them again.  They are crisp and light and have a not too green taste complemented by the sesame and salt.  I did use salt substitute on half and sea salt on the other half for comparison.  This is for my hubby.  Yesterday was his one year anniversary from heart surgery and I am feeling very Blessed to have him. The heart folks have told us salt is the #1 factor in high blood pressure so I try to reduce where it is feasible.

A couple of weeks ago I underwent my first stress test and while the results were fine they did stress diet and exercise.  The doctor was most happy when I told him we eat home made fresh made and almost nothing "prepared" out of a box.  His comment was he believed prepared foods play a large part in the ills of the day!  I agree along with the contamination of our air and water.

We live in a part of the country with a much higher than the normal cancer rate so we try to do better than the norm by having a reverse osmosis water system as well as filters on the shower to remove chemicals from being absorbed through the skin.

Sorry if I am on my soap box again!

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cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

I have had this recently, my young neice who suffers with psoriosis has been on a vegetarian diet and made these as part of a party platter, they are yummy.