Steak with Snow Peas Over Brown Rice (a Quick Stir Fry)

Flank Steak is perfect for this dish.
The longest cooking time in this meal is the cooking of the brown rice which is a quite easy thing to do and it ups the nutrition and fiber value of the meal greatly, not to mention the nutty flavor it adds.

The stir fry is an adaptation from a Ree Drummond recipe seen on The Pioneer Woman her cooking show on Food TV.

Perfectly cooked brown rice.
Ingredients for Brown Rice:

2 C. water or stock for added flavor
1 C. brown rice
1 T. butter

Using a 2-3 quart sauce pan with a heavy bottom and a tight fitting lid combine all of these ingredients.  Bring to a full boil, cover and reduce the heat to a low simmer and leave undisturbed for 50 minutes.  DO NOT REMOVE THE LID.  At the end of 50 minutes turn off the heat and DO NOT REMOVE THE LID and leave undisturbed another 10 minutes.  Fluff and serve.  Yield 3-4 generous servings.

Pungent and flavorful the steak and vegetables glisten in the sauce.  I served with a side of fresh red and yellow tomatoes.
Ingredients for Steak with Snow Peas:

1/2 C. soy sauce
3 T. sherry
2 T. corn starch
2 T. brown sugar
1 T. peeled and grated fresh ginger
1 1/2-2 pounds flank steak thinly sliced against the grain and trimmed of all fat
3 T. grape seed oil or olive oil
8 ounces trimmed fresh snow peas
1 large sweet onion diced
1/4-1/2 t. crushed pepper

Start the rice about an hour before serving time.  Assemble all ingredients and prep the meat and vegetables and seasonings.  Then about 10-15 minutes before the rice is to be ready proceed as follows.

In a large glass measuring cup pour the soy sauce to the 1/2 C. mark.  Add the sherry, corn starch, brown sugar, and grated ginger stirring to combine well and dissolve the corn starch.  Add the beef to a bowl and pour 1/3rd of the liquid over the steak and toss it well.  Set aside.

Heat a large flat pan, preferably cast iron over high heat and add the oil.  Add the snow peas and stir for about a minute getting as much color as possible on them.  Remove them to a platter.

Allow the skillet to get very hot again and toss in 1/2 of the steak.  Spread out the meat as you add it with your tongs them leave it to sizzle without turning for 1 minute.  You want the meat to get as brown as possible in the shortest time as possible.  Sprinkle 1/2 of the onions over the met and turn it.  Flip the meat over and cook another 30 seconds.  Remove this mixture to the platter.

Repeat the same process with the second half of the meat and onions.  After flipping the meat add back to the pan the first half of the meat, the snow peas, the remaining liquid, and the crushed red pepper flakes.  Stir over high heat for 30 seconds.  Check and correct seasonings if it needs it.  Serve immediately over hot steaming rice.  Yield 5-6 servings. 

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Wow! This recipe is very inviting! W will create this one when I have time because me and my kids really love saucy food like this. I wish I could see more interesting recipe like this.

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