Today the Crazy Quilt Ida Bell and Ellen started a hundred years ago has been finished as a cozy comforter using a blanket stitched Alpaca yarn to complete the edges.

I am fascinated by these fabrics. Not faded with time, not made in China, but old heavy prints like nothing seen today.
Today I just sat down and finished it.  It feels good to have done so!  After it's being stored in boxes and trunks and passed through 4 generations the bright colors and batting have been bound to flannel.  It looks just like it belongs on that big old oak sleigh bed in the south bedroom. 

Not mass produced coordinating prints but this is probably pieced from their clothing, maybe feed sacks too?
It isn't that I did anything special.  It is that something special is done by 3 women of different generations.  It is that an heirloom has been resurrected from scraps that will go to a child or grandchild.  I am pleased.

I love the look of a hand sewn blanket stitch and it works to my liking on this comforter.
Yesterday I stopped at the new yarn shop that has opened in out town.  It is large, and well appointed.  I sought Alpaca yarn for the edging and the owner Jennifer Wahle took very good care to help me find the perfect skein.  She calls her shop, Sheep Skeins, now isn't that a clever name?

This stitch serves a very good purpose both decorative and sturdy to hold the edges beautifully secure.
The yarn is soft and perfect and will never itch or cause anything except sweet dreams, I pray. The finished piece is quite large, big enough to cover over the pillows at the top and hang down over the edges of the bed!

If the edges do come into contact with my beautiful dreamers (grandchildren), there is nothing I can think of any softer than Alpaca.
It hangs nicely against the eyelet bed skirt and gives the room a bright and happy feel!

All of these ladies resided in Hamilton county north of Indianapolis.
You may recall that I have been entrusted with 4 unfinished pieces so this is one down and three to go!  Plus it took a year to get this far!  Hopefully I will do better as time goes


Carolie said...

Looks nice

cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

I am so glad you have been able to repair these quilts, to include your stitches to what is a part of your family history. Quilters say that with every stitch you add a part of yourself, imagine how much love is in these quilts.