More Vintage Finds, A Rainbow of Doilies.

This is a rainbow assortment of hand made doilies.
After returning home yesterday I found 2 sacks Grandma Powell tucked away on my bag yesterday when I stopped and said hello.  She was in good spirits and took me upstairs and had me pick another wooden trunk she will send home with our son Mike and Julie.

I will certainly save her for something very special!
I was down right tickled to find these vintage doilies in a rainbow of colors.  It will be fun to integrate them into new things. I especially LOVE the pink crotchet southern belle all dressed in her hoop skirts!

I took one of the coverlets along with me to show her and she seemed to be very happy with what I had dome.  She does not do computers.  She will be 93 the end of this month. 

Tiny X's ans French Knots abound on this vintage dresser scarf.
There was a very nice variety of colors and sizes and I was pleased to find a hand embroidered dresser scarf in the lot.

I always sit back and wonder about the hands that made each and every stitch or knot.  Were they young and filled with anticipation and excitement of life or old and full of wisdom and love?  Perhaps working to fill a Hope Chest, or perhaps in morning of a loss and filling lonely hours.   We will admire and wonder.

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