Finally....I've finished the label for the vintage comforter today! Next time I will plan better!

Luella is my Grand Children's GREAT x's 3 Grandmother, and Ida Bell is their GREAT x's 2 Grandmother and I am just the plain old Grandma.  Grandma Powell is the GREAT x's 1 but she did none of the stitching but was the keeper until she gave them to me.
This has been so frustrating for me.  I want to sit and work on my sewing projects of which there are many!  But there too is life and it does not seem I can get to these projects I want to do so I carry them and then feel great relief when I finally finish even a part of something! Thus today between all of the this and that I sat and embroidered the names and some of the known dates of the ladies who will have stitched this comforter.

I had to take it partly apart to get back into it to do this but given a little time and luck I can finish it up soon.  I would like to use it in one of the bedrooms this winter.  It looks so warm and cozy.  Bright and cheery too.

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