"HUMP DAY" is the day I do all of the stuff I hate to do before I do want I want! Or, Skip breakfast clean like heck, enjoy late brunch then sew.....

I love mitered corners.
I love that commercial where the big old floppy camel runs around asking "Do you know what day it is?"  Well yes, I do.   Every week on Wednesday I force myself to do what I most hate, dread, and procrastinate doing.  Sometimes it even spills over onto Thursdays too!  At any rate this weeks dread list starts with moping the upstairs bathroom floors and all that goes with that.  Next dreaded task is vacuuming the whole stairwell.  So like a true mid western gal I just knuckled down and blew through it all......

Eventually I made myself a late brunch of fried eggs and ham with tomatoes.  Delicious!

So let the fun begin.  After hoarding this lovely piece of snowman fleece I decided I don't want to cut it because it would make a great winter blanket for one of my grandsons.  I will buy another piece and make two so they both have a cuddly warm blanket from Grandma this fall.  To make them oh so special I am going to finish them with satin binding.  I have known so many little kids to drag around a blanket until only a piece of the ribbon was left.  What bigger joy than to have them be warm and snug in a blanket I made for them? 

A nice project for fall.
Tomorrow I will give Molly our dog a bath.  I didn't want to have all the fun today!


cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Well, I have never heard of hump day before, but like you I have been known to work like mad and then settle into brunch and relax or sew for the rest of the day. My youngest daughter Jacinta always had a blancket with satin binding, she called this "Blankie" as she sucked her finger she would rub the satin between her thumb and index finger. Let me tell you that blankie was so worn and torn by the time she was at school.

Diane Cosby said...

Exactly what I am talking about! Something about that satin ribbon they love. Hump day is a common saying here in the states denoting after you pass the midpoint it is down hill to the weekend. Glad to hear from you!!