Around my garden today.......

The yard and veggie garden can be as peaceful and serene as a chapel. The tranquil and calm environment of your home and yard is well worth the effort. The beauty of the greenery in all of it's lovely shades make a beautiful backdrop for blooming and growth. Even the business of the insect world can be a fascination. The bees and butterflies have entertained me on many an occasion. They certainly enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Five years ago I planted bare root stock hydrangea and they have bloomed for the first time this year. They are a blue with yellow and a pink and they are beautiful. Well worth my wait!!

My husband reinstalled the pump from my Mother and Dad's home in Florida near the fish pond this year. A storm had taken it down earlier even though it had been in concrete. We painted it red and I really love it. We have only 3 fish left that made it through the winter. They eat the mosquito larvae and stay fat and happy.

Dragon begonias are a favorite as they just stay beautiful and go on and on.

Begonias and Inpatients are good here as we are very shady.

Tomorrow for "Sunday Diner" we will eat the first cucumbers, zucchini, and a bell pepper in our tossed salad.

The cabbage and tomatoes are coming along but not yet ready. Oh well.....I enjoy checking their progress every couple of days. We enjoy the walk through our garden.

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