First Tomatoes of this Season!!!!

Call me just plain silly but I am tickled to death to have picked my first "REAL INDIANA" tomatoes today.  There is just no comparison to a store bought or hot house tomato!!  This is the beginning of the summer food season,  now,  starting tonight there will be sliced tomatoes on the supper table. 

The salads will be better and there will be more of them.  The sandwiches will be topped with them and they will be grilled, canned, juiced, made into sauce and salsa.  We will eat them with a side of cottage cheese or green onions.  BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE!  THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN AN INDIANA TOMATO IN THE GOOD OL' SUMMERTIME.

Just a little side note, the bucket I pick from the garden into is pictured and this is an old bucket that my Grandma Burress from Loogootee, Indiana used to pick up her eggs when I was a little girl.  I remember many many times   going to the chicken houses with her to pick up eggs and she always used these old buckets.  She got them from the traveling salesman who came around.  She also used them  to feed the farm cats.  There were at least 25 farm cats and they were really very useful and kept the rodents population in check.  Every morning rain or shine she would cook a bucket of old fashioned oatmeal and take it down past the first chicken house to the far side of the *grainery and feed those cats.  On a cold morning they would be so glad to see her and it was devoured in just a few minutes.

*This was a building that they used to store the grain.

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