Father's Day Carrots

When we cooked out on the grill when I was a girl at home Dad always stoked up the charcoal grill and it was usually on a Sunday.  It is fitting to talk about him today on Father's Dad.  He was a mountain of a man, my Dad.  Tall and handsome and strong.  Almost out of the movies.  He was as handsome and charming when he wanted to be as any man on earth!!  My sisters and I worshiped the ground he walked on and love him more than he ever could have known.

He grilled many things, chicken and burgers, and dogs, and steaks and it was all good but the carrots.....oh those carrots!!!

Mother would peel and slice them and dot them with butter salt and pepper and double wrap them in foil and he would put them on the coals usually for about an hour or so.  He knew just how long to cook them and they were just starting to blacken around the outer edges and they were out of this world.  We always had those carrots regardless of the main dish.  The carrots were always the star!!

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