From My Garden Today

It has been so hot I had thought I would get out in the garden this morning early before it was so "steamy".  Much to my surprise it was very nice at around 10AM.  The zucchini finally have made one to harvest!!  We have had blossom rot and they just rot before they have made anything.  Until today when I got to pick a nice 8" long smooth and green zucchini!!  If I am lucky he will have friends to join him soon and I can grate and freeze some for the winter to enjoy in zucchini bread.  We like it fried too and that my be the way this one goes one night next week.

Also got to pick 6 nice cucumbers and I am thinking Bread and Butter Pickles if they make a few more in the next few days or marrying them up with some sour cream and going Greek.

Other than that I am cooking today for tomorrows Father''s Day/Emily's 15th Birthday Dinner.  A double hitter.  Mostly prep,  I have cut 3 pounds of carrots for  "Grilled Carrots".  I have cut cabbage and peppers and carrots and onion for coleslaw and i have cooked eggs for Deviled Eggs.

I am working on the birthday Cake too but I probably won't finish it til tomorrow.

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