Spicy Italian Potato Soupa!!!

My husband asked for soup tonight for supper as he has a match to attend and needs to have something he deems as quick, easy, and filling.  Actually he shoots skeet and he shoots a higher score if he eats before he goes.  So you know it is important when it is about boys and their toys!!

This is a recipe I created from having eaten at a local Italian restaurant.  They topped theirs with torn kale.  I like fresh chives or parsley better!!

You will need:

1 pound fresh bulk Italian sausage
4-5 medium to large red skinned potatoes
1 medium onion
6-8 C. chicken stock
1 C. cream or half and half
2 T. butter
1/2 t. black pepper
1/2 t. salt
pinch red pepper flake
2 T. fresh snipped chives or parsley

Melt the butter in a soup kettle and break the sausage up into the sizzling butter.  Stir and cook over medium high heat until nicely browned.  Turn the burner off and just let it sit while you peel the potatoes.

The next step has a bit of flexibility to it.  I usually shred the raw potato in the food processor but you could just as well dice into small chunks.  It will cook faster the smaller the potatoes are so keep that in mind.  Do the same with the onion.  Add the vegetables to the soup kettle along with 6 cups of stock.  Depending on haw many potatoes you have you may need to adjust and add the  additional stock.

Add the salt and pepper and simmer over medium low heat until the potatoes are cooked, maybe 15-20 minutes.  Add the cream just before serving and garnish with fresh snipped chives. Enjoy!!  It smells good, it tastes good, it is good!!

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