By the Jar Fresh Pack Bread and Butter Pickles with Katie & Kendal

Some days the sun just shines a little brighter and the breeze blows just a little sweeter.  Today was such a day.

My Granddaughter Katie and her friend Kendal came to help make pickles with me.   It not only a treat but also a Blessing anytime the Grand kids come.  It was special too to have Kendal because her Daddy Clint first came to this house when he was a couple of years younger yet than she is now.  He is a lifelong friend and grew up here in this neighborhood with our sons.

I named the girls the "Pickle Packers" for the day.  They did a good job too and we all had a lot of fun.

Here is the recipe,  I have adapted from Dispatch Kitchen and Smitten Kitchen.

By the Jar Bread and Butter Pickles,  (for each quart)

1 pound of pickling cucumbers sliced 1/4" thick
1 large vadilia or other sweet onion peeled and sliced thin
1/4 C. kosher salt
3/4 C. sugar
1/2 C. white vinegar
1/4 t. ground turmeric
1 T. mustard seed
1 t. ground coriander
1/4 t. celery seed

Process pint jars in the dish washer at hottest setting.  Place all of the clean jar bands and seals in a medium saucepan and cover completely with water.  Bring to a boil and reduce the heat to the lowest setting leaving the lids and bands covered in the hot water until you are ready to use them.

Using a large bowl combine the cukes, onion, and salt mixing well.  Cover very generously with ice and let stand for 2 hours.

After the 2 hours bring sugar, vinegar, and spices to a boil in  a large kettle.  Drain the cucumbers and onions, discarding the liquid.  Add the pickles to the vinegar mixture and bring to almost boiling.  Remove from the heat and pack in the clean jars.  Wipe the rims of the jars and leave 1/4" head space.
Put the lids firmly on the jars and refrigerate.  They will begin to taste like a pickle in a few hours.
These are to be made and eaten and are not intended to have a long storage life as they are not a processed pickle. They are fine for several weeks.

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