Memorial Day 2010 Cookout!! BBQ Ribs.

After a week long visit to our sons in Indianapolis we returned to have a family BBQ with our two sons and their families here at home.  They are huge smoked BABY BACK RIB fans so we got to the task.

We prepared a rub using 2T brown sugar, 2T seasoned salt, 2T paprika, and a dash of red pepper and rubbed all sides of 3 slabs of baby backs.  Then my husband placed them on the smoker for a long day of slow and low cooking.

I broke fresh green beans and cooked them with a ham hock and red potatoes. The next thing was to cut up a watermelon, a cantaloupe, and a honey dew melon and wash 2 pounds of fresh ripe strawberries. 

Sounds like a picnic to me.

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