FAMILY Reunion 9/24/11

It has been said, "you never get those times back again", usually about our young families and our children when they are little......But the truth of it, however unprofound it may be is we don't get any time back and so it becomes very important to cherish what moments we have to share.

Joan Elnora Neukam Burress
And so first I must pay tribute to our Mother, Joan Elnora Neukam Burress.

Bill Burress
And to our Father, William W. Burress for our linage and everything we are.

Grandma and Grandpa Neukam's wedding photo.
Then our wonderful Grandparents William Neukam and Elsie Bauer Neukam.

Grandma and Grandpa Burress' 50thWedding Anniversary.
And Robert Burress and Anna Eva Gibson Burress.

One last old photo I want to include hung that in the Burress home  is of Anna Eva and her half sister.  Grandma is on the right.

The half sister and Anna Eva Gibson Burress
As the oldest of their children I probably remember the now gone family members the most of us kids.

But what really counts is the new memories we are making for all of the little ones!!

Those rock climbers.

Those beautiful babies.

The memories we refresh in the minds of Mother and Gladys, Donnie, and Lester Earl.......and all of the rest!

So I thank you all for coming to our second reunion and if it goes forward I encourage you to bring other family members that we might grow and learn from them.

Here are the pictures from the reunion and I am just going to post them all today and I will work on filling in all of the names later. 

Bill Hagerty's family, wife Linda, niece Angelia and her husband Chad.
Gary Burress and family. Parents Bill and Joan. Son Casey and wife Amy. Walking in the background is Crystal Sisson McKenna and her children Connel & Caylen.
Sandy Vogel (maiden) Cave, daughter of Olphia, husband Doug and daughter Emma.
Billy Hagerty and a winning grin!! Son of Jaunita Burress and Lon Haggerty.
Billy's sis Carole (maiden) Mauder. daughter of Jaunita Burress and Bob Mauder.
Darla Biggs (maiden) Burress wife of Gary and Grandaughter Gracie.
Cheryl (maiden) Truelove Hlvers and husband Ron.
Carole Dudkowski, granddaughter Kaylee, grandson Kathon, and daughter Angelia.
Brian Cosby husband of Diane Burress and Donnie Neukam  (Joan's "baby" brother).
Lester Earl Truelove, Cheryl's brother and son of Catherine Burress and Woodrow Truelove.
Lester Earl's Family, son Tom and wife Diane.
Jeff Sisson, Linda Burress' husband.
Sherree Burress Bolling and husband Baxter.
Travis Burress, son of Gary, and long time gal, Kim!
Ron Gibson center with his lovely fiance Jena to the left and my Mother, Joan Burress to the right.
Glayds Baglon, daughter of Olphia and husband Clay Corrall.
Melissa Clos, daughter of Jeff & Linda Burress Sisson and infant granddaughter Brenna.
Steve Clos, son-in-law to Jeff and Linda Burress Sisson. Standing in the background is Parker Sisson.
Connel McKenna, son of Crystal & Chris and grandson of Linda and Jeff Sisson.
Jack Wade, son of Chris Wade, Grandson of Diane and Brian Cosby
Chris Wade son of Diane and Brian Cosby and Jack, (back to us) Sam Wade, Cheryl's two Grandson's, Michael and Mason, and Connel McKenna.  
Steve Clos and daughter Brenn
 Please call or e-mail me with additional names I can fill in on these pictures.  Also my apologies if I didn't get your picture of if it didn't come out.  I tried to get everyone and see now that I didn't.  Again I am so sorry.  Many thanks to everyone for all of the hard work, good food and good times.

God Bless you one and all until we meet again.



P.j. said...

Great way to connect with your family after the reunion. Enjoyed the photos of your parents & grandparents, plus Sam & Jack.

lily said...

Well thanks so much. It is just the second time we have done it and it has worked out fine for those who could make. Thought we might miss it because of Brian's bad week but we made it fine.