Just a tease but I am thinking of a NEW COOKIE!!

It is obvious from the number of cookies I bake that I AM A COOKIE MONSTER!!!

Further, Sunday, the BINGE DAY for my diet is just around the corner soooooo.........

I am thinking cookies. I intend to get them done and here on the blog sometime on Saturday 9/17/11!!

Actually I have an idea to use King Arthur's Cinnamon chips (*They are by far the very best Cinnamon Chip I have ever eaten.) in a Snicker doodle type cookie. I want to call them Cinnadoodles and have the butter on the counter warming up for the making of the batter.

So now you know what I've been dreaming up!! Cookies and pictures to follow. Of course I cannot taste them until Sunday but am sure test tasters will be found.

Katie and Emily my Granddaughters, Grandpa, and my son Mike and his wife Julie are all handy and are always willing to sample cookies!!

*King Arthur products can be ordered on line or they also have a lovely catalog you can order to enjoy.

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