Fresh Asparagus with Macadamia, the BEST I've Ever Eaten.

Fresh Asparagus
Asparagus is one of my very favorite foods and I was happy to see it on the diet plan. I have made it with butter and with olive oil both in the microwave and on the stove with good results. This time I used Macadamia oil and the microwave, it was far and away the best I have ever eaten and my husband Brian agreed!!

Here is my recipe:

2 bundles fresh asparagus
Kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper
3 T. Macadamia oil*

Rinse the asparagus well and snap the ends of the stalks off where they naturally want to break. Discard or save for soup. Using a potato peeler casually peel the asparagus removing the tough scales.

By casually I mean you don't need to really peel the whole stalk. You want to get the scales and more off at the bottom if it is still a bit tougher than the tops. If there are any large or dry scales at the top snap them off too with your thumb.

Using a glass baking dish with a lid arrange the asparagus in an attractive manner. Lightly salt and pepper the stalks and drizzle liberally with the nut oil. You do not need to add any other liquid. Cover the dish with it's lid and microwave for 8 minutes on medium high, or high if the microwave is a smaller one with less power.

Serve hot and tender crisp. I am going to look for Macadamia nuts at the grocery tomorrow and try this with a few toasted nuts sprinkled just at serving time. I think it sounds divine.

*If you have never used Macadamia oil I invite you to read under "pages" in this blog some information I just recently learned and shared by posting.

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