Rib Tips 'n Kraut and Beans, Soul Food

Rib Tips n' Kraut and Beans
Maybe 6 weeks ago I went to the butcher and questioned him regarding St. Louis Style ribs. I have always preferred baby backs and usually bought them. Brian wanted to try the St. Louis style which amounts to me purchasing 3 whole slabs of spare ribs and having the butcher cut the rib tips off. That made enough to BBQ for all of the family that week and I froze 2 pkg. of meaty rib tips for another day!!

Today is the day. I am slow roasting the ribs in the oven at 325 degrees F after seasoning them well with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. After about 2 hours I added the kraut, put a lid on the pan, and turned down the heat to 275 degrees F. They can just lounge around in the warm steam of the kraut while I heat up some pinto beans.

As Brian would say, "That's down home cooking." I would have added fried potatoes and cottage cheese were I not on this diet. Since I am, nix the potatoes and add some sliced tomatoes.

It made a good supper on a cloudy rainy evening in Southern Indiana. It is a penny pincher meal to boot, as rib tips are next to nothing if you buy them and it was cheaper to buy the whole slabs and have the tips cut off than it would have been to have gone to the big box grocery and just purchased St. Louis style ribs.   Cha-ching.

I like to feel like I spend our food dollars wisely so I can splurge for a prime steak every once in a while!! Making dollars stretch is wise on any body's budget and these rib tips are delicious.

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