Sunday Pie Baking with Emily

Buttermilk Pie
The phone rang early Sunday afternoon and on the other end I heard one of my favorite voices say, "Grandma"??

It was Emily the older of my two wonderful granddaughters. She asked if she could come and make desert for our "Sunday Dinner"? Of course I said sure and a bit latter she arrived. She sat going through my big recipe book and picked out her Mother's favorite, Buttermilk pie.

Desert at it's best!!
If you have never eaten this pie I urge you to try it. It is laden with vanilla and a hint of fresh nutmeg and makes a sweet, luscious, filling in a sinfully flaky crust.

The pastry recipe we used is, PASTRY FOR THREE CRUSTS posted on 10/29/10, you can use the finder box at the right under the topics column, just type in what you are hunting. You can do the same for the BUTTERMILK PIE posted on 11/8/10. Or you can click the deserts and pies topic and they will all line up for you to scroll through.

At any rate it was the first time she made a pie 100% by herself and it was just perfect!! So I felt the recipe was worth repeating here.

So plunge in and make a pie this week. You won't be sorry you did.


P.j. said...

stCongatulations to Emily for such a beautiful pie!--and to Grandma for nuturing another generation of bakers. I'm sure it was the BEST pie Grandpa ever had! :-)

lily said...

Thanks!! The girls and I have been baking since they had to stand on chairs to reach up to the counter. The twins have helped bake cookies too and stood on a tower thing Chris has for them. Boys and girls alike love to cook. All three of our sons are very good cooks too I might add!!
Actually Grandpa is a good cook too but he makes such a mess we won't let him. HA HA!!