Breakfast Salad (for the non traditional breakfast).

An apple, celery, grapes, pecans, and low fat yogurt.
To quote Mickey Thienes, The Herb Lady of Henderson, Ky. "fruits cleanse the body and vegetables heal".  Keeping this in mind I am pursuing a family diet which is even more plant based than it already has become.

Personally I have never been good at eating breakfast.  Yesterday for instance it was noon before eating even occurred to me.  Once I get my 2 cups of black coffee first thing upon rising I am a happy girl!

Back home fruit was always made into something. jam, jelly, pie, cobbler, salad, baked goods, stewed and on and on.  Seldom eaten just as it was.  Lately I have thought breakfast might be a great direction for us to head with fresh fruit.

Brian goes in spurts and lately enjoys cereal and a banana so best leave him alone for now but when he tires of it I hope to have a selection of fruit alternatives to offer him.  Today I began by making a breakfast fruit salad.  It was delicious, refreshing, easy, and seemed very uplifting to me.  I almost always have fresh fruit on hand and we will see if I follow up and continue in this direction.  For today it worked!

Ingredients for Breakfast Salad:

1 fresh apple (my favorite eating apples are Johnathan, Golden Delicious, and Johnagold)
1 stalk celery
1/2 C. halved fresh grapes
2 T. nuts
2-3 T. yogurt

Generally I peel apples before eating unless they are organic because of the chemicals that are applied.  Next dice into bite sized pieces.  Slice and add the celery and nuts.  Top with the grape halves and yogurt.  Enjoy!

Yield 1 generous serving.

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