Making Healing Aloe Vera Gel in My Kitchen.

My Aloe Vera Garden is Indoors During the Winter and Moves Outside in the Spring.
Before my Dad passed away my parents lived in Florida and I have several plants from their home that have thrived here in Indiana.  One is an Aloe Vera plant.  Recently I found a recipe for making and preserving the gel from it's flesh.  I am really excited to try this.

Ready for the bites, rashes, itches, stings, and scrapes of summer.  Aloe preserved in this manner should be good in your refrigerator for about 8 months.
Many times I have split a leaf and used it shiny gel on burns, cuts, and scratches.  It is great for so many things.  I plan on taking all of my plants outside soon and it will be a good time to pull off a few of the large lower leaves to stir up my new found concoction!

Ingredients for Aloe Vera Gel:

1,  500mg tablet of vitamin C
1,  400IU capsule of vitamin E
4 T.  pulp from large aloe leaves

Dark Glass container to store the finished product.

After cutting the aloe leaves at an angle from the base of the plant use a small spoon to scrape out the gel, trying not to break the outer skin.   Accumulate the gel until you have 4 tablespoons or 1/4 cup of the liquid and pulp.  (For each 1/4 C. gel use one vitamin C and one vitamin E.)

Meanwhile if the vitamin C is in pill form crush in a mortar and pestle or using the back of a large wooden spoon on a hard surface.  After this puncture the end of the vitamin E capsule and squeeze out the liquid.

Blend the aloe gel, powdered vitamin C and liquid vitamin E all together dissolving everything and stirring until a smooth consistency is reached.  I actually just pitched it all in the food processor and gave it a quick whiz.   Seal in a glass jar, dark if you have one, and store in the refrigerator.  The home made Aloe Vera gel should last refrigerated for up to 8 months.

I'll bet my Mother, sisters, brother, children, and grandchildren would all find this beneficial with summer just around the corner!  Sounds like I may be busy making up these little first aid jars!

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