Sub Sandwiches for the Trap Shooters!

Brian has been "training" to get his endurance back and improve his shooting.  One of his buddies called and asked him to go shooting this afternoon and I am packing subs for them to eat at the range. They like to shoot trap at The Evansville Gun Club.

When his buddy called this morning I asked what things he didn't like on his sandwich ans we were in good shape when the things he rattles off were things I would not have used anyway!

Ingredients for Sunday Subs:

2 French rolls about 12" long
1/2 pound tavern ham sliced
1/2 pound turkey pastrami sliced
1/4 pound hard salami sliced
1/4 pound peppered Havarti cheese sliced
soft butter
onion slices
tomato slices
dill pickle slices
mild pepperochini rings

Cut the 2 French rolls in half and hollow them out a bit.  Butter the bottom and spread mayonnaise in the cavity of the top.  Slather a bit of mustard on both pieces of the bread.  Start layering the fillings onto the lower half of the roll.  Start with the meat then cheese and end with the vegetables.

Fit the top on the sub and use short skewers at each end to fasten them together.  Double wrap the subs and keep cool until time to eat!  Yield 2 "man sized" subs.

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