Make a Butterfly Refreshment Station for Your Garden.

Butterfly station at White River State Park in Indianapolis.
At White River state Park in Indianapolis there is an interactive butterfly display.  Many many beautiful specimens are housed there in various stages of their life cycle and it is a lovely space.

Butterfly Dish Nestled in Jack 'n the Pulpits by Old Painted Pump and Fish Pond Off the Patio.
You too can have a place for specimens traveling to refresh themselves by using a plate and marbles.  It happens that during an earthquake here a few years ago an antique decorative plate from my Mother-in-law was knocked from the wall above the fireplace and chipped.  I still didn't want to part with it and so I have kept it.  Today It became a garden ornament as well as a respite for the butterflies.  Tomorrow I will be looking for other shabby chic dishes for other parts of the garden and yard!

Butterfly station in the flower bed outside my door.
You can make one too by placing clean glass marbles in a shallow glass plate or dish and placing a bit of fresh water into the plate no higher than just below the tops of the marbles.  The object is to provide a place for them to lite and refresh themselves.  I am going to enjoy this addition to our landscape.  I may have to look for some more really colorful plates and marbles!

There is a lot to enjoy at the White River State Park and here is the link should you want to know more about this wonderful attraction.  

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Sunshine said...

This is so neat. I am going to have to try this, too.

Thanks for the post idea. Butterflies are one of my favorite things.