Spring has Sprung with Mushrooms in Southern Indiana and Frog is Back for Another Season!

Wonderful Wild Morels.
Each day dawns more glorious than the last as the mist of green about the trees goes from the tiny needle like slivers of new life to buds, to blossoms, to leaves.  From my windows I revel each morning in the great beauty unfolding before me.  I go outside to find more miracles abound.  Mostly small wonderful miracles of nature.  Like wild mushrooms.  And, like frogs!

Today I got this photo from my sister-in-law Darla Burress who I will call the mushroom whisperer!  I have never in my life heard of anyone so adept at the art of finding wild mushrooms!  She knows where and when and how to find them.  If she were not staved up with a bad back she could probably get rich and retire as a wild mushroom guide.  As it is she must pace herself.  Go for short periods and be very careful not to misstep and even with all that she always comes home with a lap full!

He is sort of brown and sitting right smack in the center of this photo.
Last night Brian said when he fed our fish in the fish pond he had heard a plop and suspected a frog has come to enjoy our abode.  He never could spot it so today I ever so stealthily made a sweep looking so very carefully amongst the leaves.   I FOUND HIM! 

He is again right in the middle of the photo.
He doesn't look a thing like our last frog Freddie.  Freddie was here in 2011 and I shot a photo and shared it with you in August that year.   Such a bonus to have found this fellow so early in the season.  Hum mm........I wonder if he has brought his family and I just haven't spotted them yet?  Something to ponder.

He is sharing the pond with four goldfish about 3" long each and two koi that are a good 7" long.  This will make for great fun when the little ones come!  Hopefully Molly will not allow any predators into our yard to snack on our tenants.

Next door Doris has a mystery going on in the shrubbery just outside her front door.  A perfect tiny nest is just under construction there.   As I tied up and fertilized the rose bushes each with 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt this morning a woodpecker was working on a nest just out side out dining room window.  The countryside is teaming with springs new life.

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