Aunt Betty's Penny Pincher Fabric Softener

Do you remember Aunt Betty?  She is a lovely and fun Aunt to have.  Actually she is my husband's Dad's brother's second wife and we love her.  Both Uncle Gene and Betty were widowed and met, and fell,  and you know the rest of the story.  Gene is one of the luckiest men I have ever seen to have been married to two such WONDERFUL ladies!  She is now quite famous for having given us all "Aunt Betty's 1-2-3 Cake in a Mug."

Anyway I am fortunate enough to have her occasionally share tidbits, recipes, helpful hints, and so forth with me.  This one comes from one of her daughters who I hear is quite frugal, an admirable trait in these times especially!

I made this up yesterday and tried it today.  It is terrific.  I used Suave hair rinse and hot tap water and plain old white vinegar.  I expect it made a little over 3 quarts and I have under $2.00 in it.  Wow!

Here is the ingredient list and directions for Penny Pincher Fabric Softener:

6 C. very hot tap water
2 C. inexpensive hair conditioner
3 C. white vinegar

Combine the hot water and hair conditioner and whisk until the conditioner is dissolved.  Pour into a washed and rinsed 1 gallon plastic milk jug.  Add the vinegar and shake well.  Use about 2 T. softener with an extra large load in the rinse cycle.  Less for smaller loads.

It has occurred to me this is a wonderful way to use up amounts of leftover conditioner as well as that received as a gift that one might not want to use but not want to waste it either??  I also want to add that years ago when there were 5 of us living here I used to add 1 C. of white vinegar to my rinse cycle to cut down on the amount of lint in the dryers lint filter.  You would be amazed and the difference it makes. 

Happy days.  I love to save anywhere I can so I can splurge somewhere else.  If you try this I would love to know how it works for you. 


Diane said...

Thanks for the vinegar tip for reducing lint! I have had a terrible amount of lint and we hang dry some items- and I hate having to then go and remove all that lint! I will give it a try on laundry day! If it even removes a little bit I will be thrilled!


Diane Cosby said...

Thanks for you comment. Adding 1 C. of vinegar REALLY DOES knock the lint back. You will be amazed. I did this for years when the kids were home and the towels especially and all of the things lasted longer because I wasn't removing the fabric fibers in the dryer