Spicy Peppered Beef, Wow!! Good One!! Super Easy too.

Today I don't want to be bothered with cooking too much so last night I pulled out a rump roast I had frozen and set it to thaw.  This morning after seasoning it with salt and pepper I seared it and set it into my crock pot.  Now the fun!!  I emptied half of a bottle of hot peppers and half of the brine (about 1/2  cup of each)  over the top of the beef, set on the lid and turned it on.  Now I will go about my day and let this lovely concoction slow cook until this evening.

Wow.  This is delicious and it could not get any easier!!


1 Beef roast of your liking
1 jar pickled peppers of your liking

Sear the roast or not!!   When our son made this he used chuck and did not.  I used a rump and did because of the fat on one side.  Plop the roast into a crock pot.  Pour in the jar of peppers juice and all or I used 1/2 C. of my own pickles hot peppers ant it was fine.

Heat on high heat to start then reduce to low and simmer until fork tender.  Shred the meat and return it to the juices and simmer on lowest setting until time to eat.  Top with your favorite cheese or not.  I used Provolone and it was great.  The peppers have dissolved and the meat is quite spicy but not too hot for me to eat.    Serve on buns or hoogie rolls with cheese or other toppings.  Yield 6-8 generous servings.

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Diane said...

So easy I cannot resist trying this one!