Dog Bath on the Patio, or a Dog's Tail.

YES, I am a Good Girl and I Got a BATH!
Yes, after thinking about this for a good week or so today I committed to giving Molly a bath.  The issue at hand has been if I wanted to do this as always by placing all 35 pounds of her in the bathtub.  Then having to clean up the mess from having done it that way.  Or, I have thought it warm enough to bathe her out of doors on the patio and keep her outside until her lovely long curls were dry.

I opted to adventure out back!  I thought that by assembling a large bucket of warm water plus two large (a couple of gallons each) watering cans of warm water and the back up of the hose if needed I could make this work.

Off I trudged.  Two of her favorite dog treats in one pocket, the camera in my other pocket, the leash looped across the back of my neck, and a watering can of warm water in each hand.  After delivering these out of doors I slipped back inside with Brian's big blue work pail and filled it with warm water from the Jacuzzi. Then grabbed the dog shampoo on the way back out of doors.  Lastly I slid the access panel shut so she cannot reenter the house until she is dry.

My plan was to loop the leash around the heavy wooden rocking chairs that stand on the patio then attach her to the business end as I sat down in the chair to further corral her.

Molly being the good girl she is, sat right down when asked to do so.  Then I gave her the first treat.....the Annie bar the door!!  When I "showered" her with warm water she was literally "fit to be tied."  The shock and awe quickly subsided as I stroked her and applied the suds.  Actually, I think she loved it as there was no further flutter from her.  More like a swoon!

Thus there we were in the sunlight as it filtered through the trees and a gentle breeze fluttered the leaves.  Molly was having a ball and enjoying every minute of this!  As I finished up scrubbing her down she didn't mind a bit when I showered her with first the remaining warm water from the bucket that that from the watering cans. 

YES, I know how to shake, shake, shake.
I quickly loosed her from the leash and the shaking commenced with great fervor! She looked back at me and I heard her swish as she dashed up the side steps and flew across the back yard like a streak!
She was having a ball as she dried and ran like the hunting dog she is.

All the while I am thinking this is the way to go!!  No dog hair in the tub drain.  No dog shaking off water through the house.  No splattered water and paw prints all over the bathroom.  Success is sweet.

And of course Molly is thinking all of the while, "I'm out of here."  And she was.

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