Starting Rosemary and Herb Cuttings Using Rooting Hormone

Tarragon, Sage, and Thyme are added to my "rooting" windows.
I get a bee in my bonnet every once in a while and go off on a tangent and thus it has been with propagating cuttings of herbs.  I imagine fragrant pots of herbs on the front steps, on my window sills and in my garden as well as in huge pots on the back patio.  I am addicted to their smell and love to snip them into all sorts of dishes these days.  I am rustling up a pot of corn chowder this evening and will grab chives and parsley to embellish with.

First thing this morning I went to the garden and tidied up a bit.  Made sure every climbing tentacle was wrapped and heading in the right direction!  Then the suckers were all pulled from the tomatoes and I had to force myself to stay out of the basil as it has an allure all it's own.

 Then it was snip, snip.  First the mint, (yes, I know it is terribly easy to start more but of well..)  then the rosemary, tarragon, and thyme.  I don't know if it will make roots but I dipped the tip of each stem from which I had stripped the bottom leaves into rooting hormone then into a small jar of water.

How lovely the house smells!  And  the jars of herbs in my 3 dinning room windows are very appealing to me anyway.  Who knows what anyone else might make of this?

More Rosemary and Basil.  
We should know how this project will fare in the next 2 weeks as the basil forms roots beautifully in that period  of time and that will be my measuring stick.  Until then.....

Oh yes, take a peek at the terrific roots in the close up of the basil jar!!  Great results on my third batch.  

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