Sassy Water, A Lemonade, So Refreshing and Proported to be an Aid in Weight Loss

I came upon this several nights ago browsing Pinterest, (YES, I TOO AM HOOKED). The origin is  I cannot tell you the country or the language but it does say it is a refreshing lemonade and aids in weight loss in the caption in English.  It is quite lovely steeping in my refrigerator.

This morning after doing my out of doors chores I was hot, sweaty, and tired and thought to try this for the first time.  It was really different.  Hints of the mint, lemon, ginger, and cucumber were totally refreshing as I enjoyed the whole glass.  I think you were just supposed to drink some every day and that was that.


2 L.  ( 1 L. is about 95% of a quart)   So, I used a scant 1/2 gallon and called it close enough!
1 medium cucumber washed and sliced into rounds
1 lemon washed and sliced into rounds
10-12 fresh mint leaves washed
1 t. fresh grated ginger

Combine all of the above ingredients in a pitcher or jar and cover.  Steep in the refrigerator overnight then drink some each day.

Don't have a clue as to if this works for weight loss.  I just found it refreshing and attractive!


Marina said...

Love the idea, and will make one tonight. :) Thanks for sharing!

Crazy Southern Woman said...

let us know if you see any weight loss! I think this sounds great anyway too! Thanks for sharing!